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2019 OANS Award Winners!

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

CONGRATULATIONS to the Orienteering Nova Scotia award winners for 2019:

Female Athlete of the Year: Pam James

In 2019 Pam competed at the Canadian Orienteering Championships in Laval and Rawdon, QC. In the first of three events, the Sprint distance, Pam competed in the F21 Elite category and won Bronze. She continued to excel at the competition and took Gold in the Middle distance, again running in the F21E category.  For the Long distance, Pam ran her age group F45 and won Gold!  Pam competed in the 2019 US Masters Classic and placed third.  Given her consistent performance back at home throughout the season, Pam was first overall in the Nova Scotia Orienteering Series points.

Male Athlete of the Year: Milo Hall

In 2019 Milo Hall competed at the Canadian Orienteering Championships in Laval and Rawdon, QC and won Bronze in the M10 Sprint and M10 Middle distance events.  At the Nova Scotia provincial championships, the Bluenose Classic, Milo won Gold in his age category.  This performance and his consistency throughout the season secured him top spot in M10 for the Nova Scotia Orienteering Series points. 

Official of the Year: Pam James

Pam is not only an accomplished orienteer (see Female Athlete of the Year), she is a valued official.  In 2019 Pam was an official at four events hosted by the Annapolis Valley Orienteering Club. She was also the Controller and Co-Event Director for the Bluenose Classic Provincials Championship held in Long Lake Provincial Park that hosted 107 participants.  Pam plans quality events that are fun, challenging and fair for orienteers.  She also goes above and beyond by planning extra training activities at some events to help all Nova Scotian orienteers to develop and improve.  Pam's contribution as an official provides opportunity for others to compete and have fun at orienteering events right here in Nova Scotia.

Volunteer of the Year: Kara Turner

Kara is passionate about orienteering and is driven to promote it however she can.  This year Kara took on many initiatives to introduce Nova Scotians to orienteering.  Kara has run clinics at summer camps and for running and outdoor clubs especially in the South Shore area.    She also co-facilitated orienteering intro sessions for newcomers to Nova Scotia in partnership with ISANS.  She has given talks about aspects of orienteering at the 2019 HikeNS Summit and Bay to Bay Trail AGM. Kara was published in Eco Parent magazine for her article "Five Reasons Orienteering is your New Favorite Sport".  Kara is also an active official who hosted 3 public events this year including a Mahone Bay Treasure Hunt which was a HUGE hit that had orienteers finding clues about town instead of our usual orange and white flags.  Kara has secured numerous grants to develop promotional goods for OANS including overseeing our promotional video project and new for this year: Orienteering Nova Scotia Passports! On top of all her volunteering, Kara is an avid orienteer who won a Gold and Bronze at the Canadian Orienteering Championships and Gold at the Provincials.

Bob Kaill Award: Emily Secord

In 2019 Emily served as President of OANS and made great efforts with strategic initiatives to improve the organizational effectiveness of OANS as both a Sport and Recreation organization. She is a strong team leader and effective communicator. Emily arranged multiple planning sessions with the membership throughout the year both to gather info and to focus efforts in areas to help grow orienteering in Nova Scotia.  Emily is also an active official and planned numerous events in the Halifax area including the ever-growing World Orienteering Day.  This year she was also the Course Planner and Co-Event Director for the Bluenose Classic Provincial championships that hosted 107 participants.  Emily co-facilitated orienteering intro sessions for newcomers to Nova Scotia in partnerships with ISANS.  She also gave an orienteering talk at the 2019 HIkeNS Summit.  Emily is interested in all areas of orienteering and works tomakes it discoverable and accessible for as many Nova Scotians as possible. 

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