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COVID-19 Precautions from OANS

COVID-19 Information and precautions

Public health regulations will be followed for all Orienteering NS events. For participants, this means:

All participants must sign a membership form for Orienteering Nova Scotia (no fee - for insurance purposes), waiver and health declaration form prior to participating - this can now be done electronically. We will have paper forms available on-site as well (bring your own pen!)

A list of participants and contact information will be maintained and made available to NS Public Health on request

Training and/or instruction will occur in pods of up to 10 people, who must not mingle with other pods for the duration of the event (current health requirement)

To maintain social distancing, a registration cap may apply, in accordance with current public health requirements

Maps will be distributed in a self-serve format

Participants will be expected to follow Orienteering Canada’s guidelines for modified orienteering activities:


Guidelines from Authorities

(Required) If you have any COVID-19 symptoms as defined by health authorities, stay home.

(Required) If you have had close contact with someone with COVID-19 in the last 14 days, stay home.

(Required) Always respect and follow the guidelines, recommendations and regulations from your local, provincial and federal health authorities and governments.

Sign a Declaration of Health

(Required) You must bring a signed Declaration of Health document (available from your orienteering club/association) EVERY TIME you come to an orienteering activity. You will not be able to orienteer if you have not completed and signed the form. This form cannot be signed in advance; it must be signed on the day of the activity. This is an absolute requirement with no exceptions.

Be Appreciative

Please remember to be appreciative of any opportunities you have to be outdoors, active and orienteering. Be patient with others, be forgiving, be kind, stay safe, and thank the volunteers who make an orienteering opportunity of any sort possible for you.

As always, respect the course closing time. Remember that an official is waiting for you at the finish to record that you have returned safely.

Bring Your Own Supplies

When participating in any sort of orienteering event bring your own supplies to help prevent undesired contact

drinks, including water, and filled water bottle

pre- and post-race food or snacks

cleaning supplies such as hand sanitizer or soap and water for washing hands (hand sanitizer will be available on-site as well)

your event map if you are printing your map at home

map bag for your course map (if paper map is being used) unless organizers are providing pre-bagged maps

bag to store your personal belongings in so that they are collected in one location separate from others’ belongings

Your equipment (compass, whistle, etc) as there will not be any available to rent or borrow from the event organizers.

Remember that toilet facilities may not be available on-site.

Personal Health and Safety

Your own health and safety is of paramount importance - being competitive is not! Be sure that health and hygiene trump competitiveness.

Strongly consider wearing a mask when not out on course. Guidelines evolve with regards to personal protective equipment, please stay up to date on the government recommendations.

For older people or those with underlying health conditions remember to follow the guidelines of your local health authorities regarding personal safety specific to seniors or people with compromising conditions.

Eliminate contact with communal surfaces at the start and finish areas.

Do not touch orienteering flags, ribbons or SportIdent (SI) units. As of August 25th, we are permitting the use of SI units. Pay careful attention to not touching the actual SI unit when you insert your SI stick.

Consider carrying a small container of hand sanitizer with you while orienteering. This will permit you to sanitize your hands if you accidentally touch a common surface such as an SI unit. Because it is common to touch your face to, for instance, wipe your nose or eyes or shift your glasses while orienteering, having the ability to sanitize your hands while orienteering is important.

Children and Families

If participating as a group, consider restricting your group to your household “bubble”.

If you are orienteering with children remind them to not touch equipment and flags.

General Hygiene

Please be sure to follow basic personal hygiene rules:

Sneeze and cough into your elbow or sleeve

Use hand sanitizer frequently (soap and water is even better if possible)

Consider wearing a mask when around other people

No spitting or intentional fluid discharge (no “snot rockets”)

Dispose of all tissues responsibly

Hanging Around - or Not!

Do not hang around on site before or after the event.

If you are waiting for family members, wait for them away from the finish area and maintain physical distancing from other people who may be around.

Organizers may offer an online post-orienteering get-together. Join in if you can.

More information regarding COVID-19, specific to orienteering activities can be found at:

Orienteering Nova Scotia:

Orienteering Canada:

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