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MapRun F & G for OANS

Orienteering Events Using MapRunF

(and MapRunG if you have a Garmin wearable)

Info about the MapRunF Smartphone app:

This is a (free!) app for your smartphone that is used to ‘punch’ the controls electronically. Using this along with regular controls (no punches) will minimize touch points on the course. MapRunF is available for download through Google Play or the Apple AppStore. The course map will appear on your phone, but you can also just keep it in your pocket to hear alerts/record data, and use a paper map as you normally would. See below for instructions or more detailed instructions can be found here:

NEW: For those with a Garmin device, you can also download MapRunG through Garmin Connect IQ. With this app, you can leave your phone behind and the watch will alert you when you have reached controls, and you can download your results to MapRunF afterwards.

MapRunG Instructions can be found at:

Instructions for MapRunF:

Steps 1 – 3 only need to be done the first time. Also if you don’t have a data plan on your phone, Steps 1 – 4 should be done at home

1. Download and install MAPRUNF from the App store of your phone – must be the app with the “F” in the name

2. Open the app

3. On the Main Screen

a. Click on the Name and enter the required details. Although all fields are required it is not necessary to use valid data. The App was setup to use the data as follows: First and Last Name will show in the results list. Club, Birth year and gender are only required for sorting results. At this time, we won’t be emailing result lists so any email address will do. Phone number is only required if we decide to do a forest event and need to contact you if you don’t return. Postal Code is used for statistics gathering.

b. Click “Accept” at the bottom of the page

4. On the Main Screen

a. Click on ‘Select Event’

b. Scroll through the list of countries to find Canada > Nova Scotia > and the event you are seeking

c. Click on the selected event (e.g. Irishmans Adv PACX) and it will download to your phone


5. On the Main Screen

a. Click on “Go to Start”. You may be asked to enter a PIN code - the event organizers will let you know how/when they will provide any PIN codes.

b. Find the start on your map and listen for the phone notification to indicate that you are in the correct location. Sometimes you need to wander around a bit to get it to register. Now the timer has started, so enjoy the course. The phone should sound a notification at each control location and when you pass the finish the timer will stop. Looking at the map on the phone, you will see your track, along with the time taken.

c. If you pass a control that is later in your course you may also get a notification. (If you do this, it will show you have ‘extra’ controls. As long as you went to all of your controls in the correct order, this is fine.) For example: S, 1, 2, 3, F is correct. S, 1, 3, 2, 3, F or S, 3, 2, 1, 3, 2, 3, F are also correct. S, 1, 3, 2, F is a mis-punch.

d. Be careful not to go near the finish until you are actually finished - once the finish control registers, MapRunF considers that you have completed the course.

6. Options and Settings

a. There are a number of other settings available including one to show your current location. These have to be set prior to starting the event. This setting might be useful for children that are practicing their skills and might need to see where they are in relation to the control.

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